WP-PageNavi WordPress Plugin for Advanced Pagination

Why pagination is required?

Pagination requirement and use may be different for one blogger to other. Some use it for easy navigation and some use it for other purposes.

According to my understanding and opinion, every blogger should replace the ← Older posts | Newer posts → navigation links to Page……10 navigation links because it help readers to easily navigate to your older posts.

When you use ← Older posts | Newer posts → links, readers are not able to reach your middle and older posts and they left your website but when you give them an opportunity of page navigation, they reach to your older posts.

This is the main reason why every blogger wants to replace the old ← Older posts | Newer posts → navigation links with Page……10 links.

In this article we have published WP-PageNavi WordPress plugin for Advanced Pagination.

WP-PageNavi WordPress Plugin

WP-PageNavi WordPress Plugin

WP-PageNavi WordPress plugin helps you to replace your ← Older posts | Newer posts → navigation links to new Page……10 links.


How to Install WP-PageNavi WordPress Plugin


Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Click on Plugin Section >Click on Add New button


Search WP-PageNavi plugin in Search Plugin box.


Now click on Install button to install WP-PageNavi WordPress plugin. Once the plugin is installed, go to settings page of the plugin.

Here you change the details as per your need such as Page Navigation Style, Number Of Pages To Show, Number Of Larger Page Numbers To Show, Show Larger Page Numbers In Multiples Of, etc.

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