How to Create a Website

Everybody knows that websites are the best way to share ideas and thoughts with the world.

Today millions of blogs and websites are available who offer different type of contents for the readers. If you are one of them who want to share ideas and thoughts with the world, you are at right place with the right topic.

First step to share your ideas and thoughts is: Create a Website

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How to create a website?

In this tutorial, we will show you step by step process to create a website.

1) Get a top level Domain Name

2) Choose a Hosting Account

3) Design Your Web Pages / Choose WordPress and select a right Theme

4) Create a Niche Website / Blog

5) Last but not the least – Monetize your Website / Blog

Now these five steps will help you to create your first website. The detailed description is as follows:

How to Create a Website

Step-1: Get a top Level Domain Name

The first step you need to do before creating a website is to get a top level domain name (.COM, .NET, .ORG, etc.). This is the name you want to give to your website like ““.

You have to pay an annual fee to get a top level domain name or you can get it free with the hosting account. Many hosting providers offer first year domain absolutely free with hosting account. After that you have to pay for your domain name.

Getting a Domain name does not give you a website, it is just a website name nothing else.

  • After choosing a right Domain Name, you need to register a domain name: You can find a detailed guide in the article How to Register a Domain Name.

Step-2: Choose a Hosting Account

After choosing a right Domain Name for your website, it’s time to get a hosting account for your website.

A web host is basically a company that has hosting server where you can get some space for your website. You need to sign-up for an hosting account with a web host like GoDaddy, Dreamhost, Hostgator, Bluehost or any other web hosting provider.

Choosing a reliable hosting provider is also a difficult task, following tips will give you a basic idea to choose a hosting provider.

Compare following details with the hosting providers and choose a best hosting providers.

  • Disk Space – How much disk space is being provided by hosting provider? (Such as Unilimited Disk Space or 10GB Disk Space)
  • Bandwidth – Bandwidth for your website. (Such as Unlimited Bandwidth)
  • Free Domain Name – Many hosting providers give you 1 year free domain name with hosting account.
  • E-Mail Addresses – Many hosting providers offer 1 or 10 e-mail addresses free on hosting account.
  • Control Panel – Flexible, easy-to-use control panel
  • Website Builder – Hosting provider offer free website builder.
  • Reliability of Hosting Provider – 99.9% up-time guarantee and the age of hosting provider (from 10/20/30 years in the field)
  • Technical Support – Better technical support such as 24/7 technical support

After you sign up for a hosting account, you need to point your domain name to that account on your web host.

Step-3: Design Your Web Pages / Choose a right Theme

If you want to design your own web pages, you need to know HTML, CSS, Java Script, JQuery languages to create your own website. If you don’t know these languages then you can hire a web designer and developer who can do it for you.

If you are tight in budget and don’t want to spend money at initial phase, WordPress is the best option, you can choose a WordPress theme and can start your website. Today more than 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web.

Look for the points before choosing a right theme for your blog or website.

  • The theme should be responsive and should support almost all the web browsers.
  • It should be customizable and updated regularly.
  • The code should be semantic, bloated and intelligent.
  • The theme should be original and fast.
  • Shortcodes should be included for formatting.
  • Support should be available.

The above few points needs to be taken care before choosing a right theme for your website.

Step-4: Create a Niche Website / Blog

Niche websites or blogs focus on a narrow market. So instead of focus on many topics, it is better to focus on specific niche like Health, Insurance, Blogging, Technology or Gadgets.

Selecting a niche website will help you to engage your audience and sell products to them.

Take your time to select a niche website and build a unique and useful contents that engage your audience towards your website.

Once your site is up and running you can monetize it by selling ad space or your own products or by joining affiliate programs, and more.

Step-5: Monetize your Website / Blog

Last but not the least, monetize website and make money is the dream of every website owner and blogger.

As earlier said, if you have a niche website and engaged readers, you can sell your products to them or can sell ad space on your website.

There are many websites who offer commission based marketing that is called affiliate marketing. Join affiliate programs and promote their product on your website, if your readers purchase any product with your link, you will get commission on each sale.

That’s all.

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