How to Export Saved Passwords from Firefox?

Password exporter firefox extension

This question is asked by one of my readers that how to export saved passwords from Firefox.

Why you need to export your saved passwords from Firefox?

You need to export your saved passwords:

  1. When you want to format your computer.
  2. Want to backup of your passwords before upgrading computer operating system.
  3. Want to import backup of your saved passwords from one computer to another computer.

There are many third party tools (like PasswordFox) available to export saved passwords from Firefox but many people don’t believe in third party tools because this is the matter of high security so, it is better to use Firefox add-on rather than third party tool.

Password Exporter is a Firefox extension that allows Firefox users to export and backup their saved passwords safely and quickly. You can install Password Exporter from below URL.

After installation of Password Exporter extension, you can export your saved passwords from the following location:

Open Firefox > Go to Tools > Options > Security pane > Import/Export Passwords button


Open Firefox > Go to Tools > Add-ons > Extensions tab -> click Options button

Following screen will appear when you choose any one of the above options.

Import or Export Password Box

Click on Export Passwords button to export all your saved passwords in your computer.

How to Import Saved Passwords from one Firefox to another Firefox?

The process of export will be same as explained above.

You have to just click on Import Passwords button as shown in above snapshot. Select CSV file and your saved passwords are imported successfully.

Password Exporter is the best solution for exporting and importing saved passwords in Firefox.


If you don’t choose Obfuscate Usernames/Passwords option during the export, It is highly recommended to delete CSV or XML file from your computer. The file is human readable so don’t forget this caution.

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