How to Update Domain Contact Information at GoDaddy

Update Domain Contact Information GoDaddy

It’s very important to keep updated your domain’s registrant, administrator, technical and billing contact information at all times. You may have multiple domain names under a single hosting account. All the domain names will have contact information that is mandatory for all.

Either you can enter different contact information for each domain name or can enter same contact information for all your domain names.

GoDaddy provides you the feature to update all contact types (registrant, administrator, technical, and billing) for a particular domain name at once.

How to Update Domain Contact information?


Login to GoDaddy Account Manager using below link.


Next to Domains, you will see a Launch button, Click on Launch button.

All your domains will be listed here.


Select the Domain Name which you want to update.


You will see 3 tabs (Settings, DNS Zone File and Contacts). Click on Contacts tab.


Click on Edit All Contacts button.

If you want to update all contact information at once, check “Use for all contact types” option and update your contact information.

If you don’t want to update all contact information at once, uncheck “Use for all contact types” option and update domain contact information for registrant, administrator, technical, and billing individually.

You will have to fill Organization Name (Optional), First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone and E-Mail contact information for your Domain.

Once you updated all above contact information, you are done, your contact information is updated successfully.

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