How to Submit Website to DMOZ Open Directory

Why to submit website to DMOZ open directory?

This question arises many times when someone says you should submit website in DMOZ open directory.

The answer of this question is:

There are many search engines like GOOGLE and AOL use websites index data from DMOZ open directory project.  It is essential for websites owners to submit/suggest their website to get it indexed into DMOZ directory.


  • Never submit a website that has obscene content and against the DMOZ guidelines.
  • Do not use advertisement/promotional words and descriptions when filling the form for website submission. If you do the same, it will take longer time for review and there may be higher chance of getting your submission denied.
  • There are millions of websites un-reviewed because of huge submission to DMOZ. It is suggested to submit your website only once. If you repeatedly submit your website then there will be a greater delay and a less chance of getting your website indexed in DMOZ.

Follow these 7 steps to submit your website to DMOZ directory.

Step-1: Open the DMOZ ( directory website

DMOZ Directory Submission

Step-2: Review the Categories

Evaluate the appropriate category for your blog or website from the following top-level categories. Here there are many top-level categories like Computers, Business, Arts, Games, Health, Home, News and many more.

DMOZ Directory Submission

Step-3: Choose a Subcategory

Now choose subcategories until you are at the lowest and relevant category. Here you can see the category and lowest level is:

  • Top: Computers: Internet: On the Web: Weblogs: FAQs, Help, and Tutorials (12)

DMOZ Directory Submission

Step-4: Suggest URL

Click on suggest URL to submit your website in DMOZ as show in figure.  Suggest URL option is available at the top of the web page.

DMOZ Directory Submission

Step-5: Read Guidelines and Rules

Read the DMOZ guidelines and rules carefully that are available on the website submission page.

DMOZ Directory Submission

Step-6: Fill out the Submission Form

Fill out the submission information carefully so that unnecessary submission denial can be avoided. Here you have to enter website URL, Website Title and a short and meaningful description.

DMOZ Directory Submission

Enter your e-mail address and user verification code from below mentioned picture.

Note: Don’t use fake or wrong e-mail address for website submission.

DMOZ Directory Submission

Step-7: Read Submission Agreement

Read the DMOZ Submission Agreement and if you are agree with it, Finally click on submit button for review your application.

DMOZ Directory Submission

Once you have submitted your website, Wait for the website to be indexed.

DMOZ Directory Submission


3 thoughts on “How to Submit Website to DMOZ Open Directory”

  1. Abass Mohamedou

    Nice , I like it , Very great article .

  2. Sekhar

    Well documented steps, after how many times of submission your blog site get submitted. Because I have tried thrice, and no result.

    1. I visited your website and found it very new. First work on your website and try to increase visitors as well. I have submitted first time my website when it is 6 months old and have decent visitors. I am not expecting to get it indexed but will try later if its not get indexed.

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