How to Check the Version of Windows PowerShell

For some applications to run smoothly, Windows PowerShell is prerequisite. You have to install PowerShell in your system externally but in Win 7, it is in-built and you need not to install it externally.

How to check Windows Powershell is installed or not?


How to check the version of Windows PowerShell?

Sometimes users are not able to reply you back when you ask for the version of PowerShell because they don’t know how to get the version of PowerShell.

Following command will help you and them to get the version of Powershell.

Click on START button and type PowerShell in Search program and files.

Windows Powershell

Click on Windows PowerShell, once you clicked you will get the following screen.

Issue following command and get the version of PowerShell.


Windows Powershell

Now i hope you understood the way to check the version of PowerShell. If you have any other option please let us know.

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