How to Show or Hide File Extension in Windows Explorer

Sometimes it’s really annoying when user don’t know the file extension when someone asks. User has to check the properties of that file but there is an option to check the file extension without opening properties of a file.

It’s a onetime activity and in-built feature of Microsoft operating system.

5 simple steps to show or hide file extension in Windows Explorer, follow these steps:

Step-1: Start Windows Explorer by opening any folder or use Window key + E on your keyboard to open Window Explorer.

Step-2: Click on “Tools” menu, and then click on “Folder Options”. If menu bar doesn’t appear then just press “Alt key” on your keyboard.

Step-3: In “Folder Options”, Click on View tab and uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types “. To hide the extensions check this option again.

Step-4: Click Apply and OK.

Step-5: Step by Step screen shot of above method is shown below.

Show or Hide File Extension

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