How to Wipe / Delete Contacts, E-Mail, Memory Card from Blackberry Mobile

This tutorial is helpful for all those who don’t know how to wipe / delete Contacts, E-Mails and Memory card details.  Here I am taking two examples to wipe the data from your Blackberry phone.

100820131 Black Berry Delete contacts

Follow below mentioned steps to wipe your contacts, e-mails and memory card details:


1.) Start > Open “Options” on the Blackberry phone.

2). Select “Security Options” > click on “Security Wipe”

3). Now it will show you 3 options, now you have to select which data you would like to wipe:

  1. E-Mails, Contacts, etc. (All data will be lost if you check this option)
  2. User Installed Applications
  3. Media Card

4). Now type “blackberry” with your keypad when it is prompted to enter.

5). Press “Enter” button or click on “Wipe” to delete/wipe your data.


1.) Start > Open “Options” on the Blackberry mobile phone.

2). Select “Security Options” and click on “General Settings.”

3). Press the “Menu” button and select “Wipe Handheld” option.

4). Select the check box next to “Include third party applications” and click on “Continue”.

5). Now type “blackberry” with your keypad when it is prompted to enter.

6). Press “Enter” to reset the phone to default mode.

By this way you can delete contacts from your Blackberry mobile.

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