6 Great Tips of Internal Linking with its benefits for SEO

Every blogger and website owner wants their website on top of the search engines. You can also make your articles and website on top of the search engines by regularly writing 100% original, unique and quality content for your readers.

As we all are aware that Google’s page ranking algorithm has been very hard in last few years so we have to focus on great quality content, SEO tips and making best quality backlinks to set your blog or website on the top.

190820131 Internal Linking

Internal Linking is a method to link your newer posts with your older posts. In other words, connecting each and every web page in your whole blog/website is known as internal linking. These links can be added in the articles, menus, sidebars or anywhere in your website. When you interlink your posts, it increases your blog’s or website’s usage and makes easy for your readers to find relevant and old articles at your website.

Benefits of Internal Linking:

Internal linking is also very important just like increasing backlinks to your website. Internal linking helps the search engine crawler to crawl all the pages or posts of your blog/website. Internal linking also improves your bounce rate.

An internal linking of posts is a great technique to boost readership of your website.

Internal linking helps to increase Google page rank.

Search Engine Crawlers like internal linking of your articles for better crawling and indexing.

Internal linking reduces your blog or websites bounce rate without any extra hard work.

Tips to Improve Internal Linking:

I hope you have understood the internet linking and it is time to implement it in your blog/website. Basically in internal linking, you have to connect all your pages or posts to each other. Use following tips how to do it.

1) Add Links in Articles/Posts

This tip is widely used by most of the professional bloggers or website owners. You have to add the links on some words or on phrases or on sentences of your article.

Write your post and look for some related words or phrases which you have already discussed in your previous posts like I have already discussed about “writing 100% original, unique and quality content”  in my previous post.  So I have added a link on this with my previous post.

You can also use recommended option with some eye catching links.

2) Use Recent Posts and Popular Posts Widgets

You can add recent posts and popular posts widgets in your blog or website. These widgets show the recent posts of your website and most popular links of your website that can also help in improving the internal linking. It is recommended to add these widgets in sidebar of your website to improve major chances of increasing Page views.

3) Use Related Posts Widget below to your post

Related posts widget can also improve the internal linking of your blog at a large extent. Every professional blogger use this widget because it really helps readers to link your other related articles very easily. Just add the related posts widget below of every post which shows some related or recommended posts to the readers of your blog.

4)  Better Menu Linking

Another great thing is that, you can build good navigation menu in which all your categories should be added. This will also make your blog or website easy to navigate and help in making internal linking.

5) Add Sitemap Page

This is also a great idea by which you can improve internal linking of your blog. First create a sitemap page for your blog or website and add it in the navigation menu. As sitemap consist links of entire content of your blog so your readers can pick any topic and grab the articles easily.

6) Add Title List Page

This is one of the best ways which can improve internal linking of your blog at a large extent. First create a Title page for your blog or website and add it in the navigation menu. Title list will help your readers pick any topic from the list to read it. I have implemented it at my website, want to check it click here.

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  1. kudos @Anil, now a days people using Top Level Menu and SITEMAP at Bottom. is it internal link building.

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