5 Ways to Create Quality Contents for Your Website or Blog

Writing article takes lot of time and writing quality content takes more than that. When I started my website and tried to write first article it took about 4-5 hours. It was really painful and you can say because I have spent my half of the day in writing only one article. I decided to quit from blogging because I thought I could write an article in 1 hour but I couldn’t.

The same day I was reading an article over the internet and there was a beautiful quote:

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try it again.” Never Give Up

You won’t believe I wrote more than 90 articles but today I can’t write an article in 1 hour it takes approx. 1 and ½ to write an article. But when I get frustrated and any kind of give up thought comes into my mind I read above quote because of this I reduced my article writing time from 4-5 hours to 1 and ½ hour.

07082013 Write Quality Content


Now follow the below tips to Create Quality Contents for Your Website or Blog

1). Get a Good Idea or Research about a Topic:

Before writing any article, get a good idea or research on Google for a topic which can be expressed in a meaningful manner. Don’t try to copy others but never forget to learn from them. After getting an idea, arrange your thoughts in a meaningful manner so that you can write your article according to your readers.

2). What do you know about the topic?

If you don’t know a lot about your topic and unable to express it in your content then do some research over the internet. Don’t copy from others article but just take some idea and write your content yourself to keep your content unique. By this way you can reach to your audience.

3). Brainstorming:

After a topic selection, write whatever thoughts come into your mind about this topic and do some research and talk to your friends about the topic. It will give you depth information and you will be able to express the idea more effectively.

4). Don’t Wait when your get an idea:

It’s good to write and share your idea as soon as it comes to your mind otherwise it will be lost. I am giving you one live example of mine.

One day I visited to Punjab National Bank for getting transaction entry into my mother’s passbook. But at the counter the executive told me about automatic passbook printing machine for doing the same. I visited the passbook printing machine and found very useful for all. I decided to share the knowledge to everyone so I wrote the below post.

Passbook Printing Machine by Punjab National Bank

This is a LIVE example so wherever you go if you notice something new then share it. Don’t think that everybody is aware about it. And my passbook printing machine article is 9th popular post from my more than 90 posts when I am writing this article. So just write and share whatever you notice.

5). Always criticize yourself:

Well it seems unnatural but you should criticize that this was not the perfect article. I can do it in a better way or I will write my next post more interesting and more readers’ eye catching.

This doesn’t means that you didn’t write a good article, you wrote a good article but you can write more perfect than that. Sometimes I also forget to follow these tips but I always try to follow them.

I never give up because “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try it again.” Never Give Up.

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