30+ List of Best Advertising Networks Sites

PPC is an internet advertising where advertisers gives money to publishers when the ad is clicked. It is also used to direct traffic to websites.

An advertisement displays on your website when a keyword matches with advertiser’s keywords list or when a content site displays a relevant content. Such type of advertisements are called promoter ads, promoter links etc.

Here I am posting this article to let you know about these best famous advertising sites so that you can earn money online. You can earn money with below advertising sites but it will not give you lots of money until you write 100% original unique content. So keep focus on writing 100% original unique content.

Review following Advertising websites:

1) Google Adsense:  

290720131 Google Adsense

2) Infolinks

290720132 Infolinks

3) Chitika

290720133 Chitika

4) Bidvertiser

290720134 Bidvertiser

5) AdClickMedia

290720135 Adclick media

6) Clicksor

290720136 Clicksor



8) Amazon

290720138 Amazon Associates

9) BuySellAds

290720139 Buy Sell Ads

10) LinkWorth

2907201310 Link Worth

11) Text-Link-Ads

2907201311 Text Link Ads


2907201312 Obeus

13) FusionAds

2907201313 Fusion Ads

14) AdNetwork.net

2907201314 AdNetwork.net

15) ValueClickMedia

2907201315 Value Click Media

16) LinkAdage

2907201316 Link Adage

17) PPP:


18) ReviewMe: 

2907201318 review Me

19)  SponsoredReviews.com:

2907201319 Sponsored Reviews

20) ClickBooth: 

2907201320 Click Booth

21) ClixSense: 

2907201321 Clix Sense

22) ClixGalore: 

2907201322 Clix Galore

23) BlogAds: 

2907201323 Blog Ads

24) InClick: 

2907201324 In Click

25) Kontera:

Best Advertising Networks Sites

26) AdFish: 

2907201326 Ad Fish

27) EpicDirect: 

2907201327 Epic Direct

28) MaxBounty: 

2907201328 Max Bounty

29) Clix-Cents: 

2907201329 Clix Cents

30) Direct-CPV: 

2907201330 Direct CPV

31) AdBrite: 

adbrite.com and sitescout.com both are same.

2907201331 AdBrite or Site Scout

Using above Advertising Networks Sites you can earn lots of money online.

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  1. Kelly

    Great list for text link & banner advertisement.

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