How to set out of Office Auto Reply in Microsoft Office Outlook using Exchange Server

If you are using a Microsoft Exchange account then you can set Out of Office Assistant with a specified message for the received emails. Follow the below steps to set out of office auto reply using exchange account.

1. Click Tools button in the upper middle in outlook 2007 and click on Out of Office Assistant option as shown in following figure.

2207201301 Out Of Office Auto Reply

2. Following screen for out of office assistant will appear. Here you have to set “Send Out of Office auto-replies” with the dates during you will be out of office. Now type the message you want to set as auto reply. Click OK to set the out of office auto reply.

2207201302 Out Of Office Auto Reply

This rule is applicable for all the emails both inside the organization and outside the organization. I hope this article will help you to set out of office auto reply.

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