How to install and use Google Analytics in WordPress for beginner

Simple Google Analytics plugin allows you to easily add your Google Analytics code to your WordPress website. You have to enter your Google Analytics ID and enter the domain name.

You can also choose where you want to put the Google Analytics code (in the Header or Footer).

300720131 Simple Google Analytics

Step by Step process to install and use Simple Google Analytics plugin:

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Under Plugins menu > Click on the Add New and do the following
  • Type Simple Google Analytics in search plugin box and click on Search Plugin button.
  • Your searched plugin will show you below search plugin text box.
  • Now click on Install to install Simple Google Analytics plugin to your website.
  • It will add to your plugin lists.
  • Under Settings menu > Click on Simple Google Analytics.
  • Now select header or footer option where you want to put your Google Analytics code.
  • Enter your Google Analytics ID and rest of the information.

By this way you can add Google Analytics in WordPress website.


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