What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress is free software that is quickly become more popular on the internet world. It is available in two forms WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is open source blogging software where any user can register his/her own blog free of cost.  Since it’s free, it has some limitations.

WordPress.org provides free software to create your own blog.

You have to just purchase a domain (from www.godaddy.com or any other domain provider) and web hosting through hosting provider (like godaddy, hostgator, bluehost, dreamhost or any other which provide you better services).

Before choosing any of them, consider following things.

Wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

In short,

In WordPress.org you will have a complete control over your site and you can install any WordPress plug-in to extend the functionality of your site. WordPress.com is a easiest way to get started and pick available themes with free web hosting.

If you want to just start blogging then wordpress.com or blogger.com is the best choice and between these two, blogger.com is a better choice to kick start.

I have started my blogging journey from blogger.com and created a blog webinfotechsolutions.blogspot.in after that I have hosted my own website itbloggertips.com (IT Blogger Tips).

If you also start your own website with a minimum amount then I will suggest you to go with www.BLUEHOST.com and you can avail benefits.

I hope you are satisfied with this post. If you have any feedback or feedback, comment below this post.

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