How to Create a RHEL bootable DVD ISO from RHEL CD ISO files

As the current RHEL release (4) is only available in CDs, not in DVD but it is possible to create a RHEL bootable DVD ISO from these CDs using Chris Kloiber’s script file.


You have to follow some simple steps to create a RHEL bootable DVD ISO.

Step-1: Download from the below mentioned path.

Step-2: Install the anaconda-runtime prerequisite package and its dependencies and run as described.

# rpm -q anaconda-runtime || yum -y install anaconda-runtime

Step-3: Put all the CD ISO files and in a specific directory and run the script to create RHEL bootable DVD ISO.

Step-4: But before running this script, change ISO files name like disk1.iso, disk2.iso, disk3.iso, disk4.iso and disk5.iso

# ls -1






Step-5: The following command will create a RHEL bootable DVD ISO named RHEL-U4-i386-AS-dvd.iso

# ./ . $(pwd)/RHEL-U4-i386-AS-dvd.iso

These 5 steps will create your 5 RHEL CD ISO to single RHEL bootable DVD ISO.


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