5 Key Differences Between Blog and Website

Differences between Blog and Website

Blog Vs Website

You may find many questions over the internet like.

Which is better option (Creating Blog or Website) for making money online?

What’s the difference between Blog and Website?

It seems difficult to answer but actually it’s not. Many people are using websites to make money online and many using blogs. There are some differences which i will tell you which is best to make money online.

Here I have find out following differences between Blog and Website.


  1. Its content is regularly updated.
  2. Blog does not look formal.
  3. Blog is a two way communication because it provides commenting system also.
  4. Blogs are frequently crawled by Search Engines.
  5. Blogs are Informative and educational and Often cover a variety of articles.


  1. Website has a static page; its content is not regularly updated.
  2. Website looks formal/professional.
  3. There is only a one way communication.
  4. Website communicates about products and services.
  5. Generally everyone creates a website for their business as well as personal use and to promote their business over the internet.

Now, I hope you understand the difference between blog and website and have chosen your best way to earn money online.

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