How to create short URL using Google URL Shortener

Google URL Shortener takes long URLs and short them into fewer characters to make link easier to share, e-mail and tweet at twitter.

You can simply use those short codes to your computer, mobile or anywhere else.

Just follow the link and paste your long URL into the box and click on Shorten URL. It will give you a shorten link to access the same web page.

Google URL Shortener

There are many more websites who shorten url that will be discussed later.

1 thought on “How to create short URL using Google URL Shortener”

  1. Gurutechmind

    Nice Post,

    Google shortener helps us to create shorten URL.Many sites are the which have a word limit like twitter,friendfeed,twitxr etc. so if your URL is too long then you cannot describe about your post perfectly, Google shortener helps you to short your longer URLs and also we can give it to custom name.

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