How to Add Multiple Authors to Your Bloggers Blog

How to add multiple authors

Working as a Team is better than working single. This strategy seems to fit at many places but doesn’t always fit everywhere. But in the blogging, you can easily manage blogging as a team. When it comes to work as a team, you need multiple authors in your bloggers blog.

Is there any way to add multiple authors to bloggers blog?

You can add multiple authors in just few simple steps.


Login to your Blogger Account


Go to Dashboard > click on Settings > Basic

You will see here Permission section under Basic settings option.


Click on Add authors in blog authors section.


Enter E-Mail address and click on Invite Authors. You may invite authors using “Choose from Contacts” option.

Basic Settings in BlogSpot

As you invite an author, an e-mail is sent to the author to accept the invitation. Following snapshot is the sample e-mail which is sent after inviting the author.

Basic Settings in BlogSpot

You will see an “Open Invitation” message until your invitation is accepted.

Basic Settings in BlogSpot


Author will Sign In and accept invitation to join your blog.

Basic Settings in BlogSpot

Once the invitation is accepted, you will see new author is added to your Blog Authors list and “Open Invitation” message is removed. By default every added person will be treated as an Author. If you want to make him/her admin, just change rights from Author to Admin and you are done.

Basic Settings in BlogSpot

Now I hope you understood how to Add Multiple Authors to Your Bloggers Blog.

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