How to Take a Snapshot of a Web Page

There are many times when you want to take a snapshot of a web page.

Why do you want to take a snapshot?

Everybody knows that images are the best way to convey any message in more meaningful way. Screen captures can be useful for education, presentations, support, etc.

When you capture any web page, your capture is limited to the content that is visible on the screen. In this article, I will show you how to use online tool snapito to capture the entire web page and to pin on your Pinterest account from here.

Snapshot of a Webpage

How to Take a Website snapshot and Pin it?

There is nothing tricky in this to take the snapshot of the web page. You have to just follow the few simple steps and you are done.


Open snapito ( website.


Enter the website URL which you want to take a snapshot and click on Snap! Button.

Snapshot of a Webpage


If you want to pin it to Pinterest then choose drop down option and click on Pin to Pinterest or Pin Full Page. Download option is also available to download snapshot directly to your computer.


It will take some time to create a snapshot of the webpage which you entered in the URL address. Here is an example of snapshot of my website.

Snapshot of a Webpage

There are many advantages of this website such as snapito allows you to pin the full page snapshot on your Pinterest profile.

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