7 Free Blogger Templates Websites of 2014

Everybody wants to start a successful blogging career that is not really difficult. But Bloggers should remember following things when they start their blogging career.

  1. Which platform you should choose for blogging as a newbie blogger?
  2. How to choose your perfect domain name?
  3. Which template or theme you should select for your blog?
  4. How to start your blogging journey?
  5. How to write unique articles and get huge visitors to the blog?

There are many questions will also arise during blogging journey but every question has an answer so don’t worry and start your journey with Blogger and choose your free blogger templates from the below mentioned top 7 blogger templates websites of 2014.

Why to choose Blogger as your blogging career?

Blogger platform is the great way to start your blogging career because it is very simple and easy to use. You can easily get most beautiful, responsive, SEO optimized blogger templates absolutely free that plays a very important role in your blogging career.

When you become successful in your blogging career then you can move to WordPress and don’t forget these things if you become successful in your blogging career.

Best Free Blogger Templates for Blogger in 2014

You can find here many awesome free blogger templates such as 1, 2, 3, 4 column blogger templates, SEO templates, magazine templates, technical template and many more beautiful templates for your blog. Just download and upload blogger template in your blog and avail the benefits of these templates. We have updated Alexa Rank and Google Page rank on 11th Jan 2014.


Free and Premium Blogger Templates (http://fpbloggertemplates.com/)

Free and Premium Blogger Templates

1) btemplates.com: Blogger Templates

Alexa Rank: 3578

Google Page Rank: 6/10

Blogger Templates btemplates

2) templateism.com: Professional Blogger Templates

Alexa Rank: 7067

Google Page Rank: 4/10

Templateism Professional Blogger Templates

3) templateify.com: Blogger Templates

Alexa Rank: 12617

Google Page Rank: 1/10

Templateify Blogger Templates

4) mastemplate.com: Beauty template for you

Alexa Rank: 13484

Google Page Rank: 6/10

Mas Template Beauty Blogger template

5) Free Blogger Templates: deluxetemplates.net

Alexa Rank: 14140

Google Page Rank: 6/10

Free Blogger Templates DeluxeTemplates

6) bloggerthemes.net: Blogger Themes and Blogger Templates

Alexa Rank: 33730

Google Page Rank: 6/10

Blogger Themes and Blogger Templates

7) mybloggerthemes.com: Blogger Templates Gallery

Alexa Rank: 34041

Google Page Rank: 2/10

Blogger Templates Blogger Templates Gallery

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