Top 15 Websites to Post Free Classified Ads

Everybody wants to promote business, services or websites with topmost free online advertising websites. So here I have listed top 15 websites to post free Classified Ads.

Free Classified Ads

I have also listed their Alexa Rank including Country details and Country Rank updated on 11th Oct 2013. I am not going to describe so much about these websites, just click on the link and follow their steps to post free classified ads.

You can promote your website too but only promoting is not enough. You need to write 100% original unique content, interlinking with your older article with lots of hard work to make your blog popular.

I hope you will find below list useful for posting free classified ads across all over the worlds.


Alexa World Rank: – 44       Country: – United States         Rank: – 10    Page Rank: – 7


Alexa World Rank: – 303      Country: – India                      Rank: – 16     Page Rank: – 5


Alexa World Rank: – 369      Country: – India                      Rank: – 22     Page Rank: – 5


Alexa World Rank: – 486      Country: – United States        Rank: – 158   Page Rank: – 6


Alexa World Rank: – 488      Country: – Canada                 Rank: – 10      Page Rank: – 7


Alexa World Rank: – 730       Country: – India                     Rank: – 67     Page Rank: – 5


Alexa World Rank: – 807       Country: – United Kingdom   Rank: – 25   Page Rank: – 6


Alexa World Rank: – 1115       Country: – India                       Rank: – 92     Page Rank: – 6


Alexa World Rank: – 1427       Country: – Philippines            Rank: – 8       Page Rank: – 5


Alexa World Rank: – 1551        Country: – Sweden                  Rank: – 7        Page Rank: – 7


Alexa World Rank: – 2332        Country: – Pakistan                Rank: – 25      Page Rank: – 2


Alexa World Rank: – 2333        Country: – Russia                   Rank: – 639     Page Rank: – 6


Alexa World Rank: – 2861        Country: – India                      Rank: – 248     Page Rank: – 4


Alexa World Rank: – 3308        Country: – India                      Rank: – 269     Page Rank: – 4


Alexa World Rank: – 3665         Country: – India                      Rank: – 503    Page Rank: – 4

I hope you liked this article. If you want to share any other website feel free to comment.

10 thoughts on “Top 15 Websites to Post Free Classified Ads”

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  4. MariaK Tyler

    thanks for sharing best list of classified websites. pls add those classified website in your list.

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  6. Samantha

    These are very good sites to post classified ads. Thanks for your post and i want to suggest adsfeast this is also an excellent site for classified ads. Please add this site to your list….

  7. Shakti

    Quikrinfo Offer free Classifieds for real estate, mobiles, Computer, jobs, automobile, services, education,Electronics,Technology,travels and many more..

  8. Kiran Singh

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