Never Forget 5 Things as You Become Successful Blogger

After a long discussion and brainstorming with some other bloggers who are in touch, I am writing this article to keep my readers aware about those 5 things which most of the bloggers forget when they become successful in their blogging career.

You may be successful in your blogging career by writing 100% original unique content, by sharing your article on social bookmarking websites and by increasing Alexa rank of your blog or website but maintaining the trait of a successful blogger is more important.

When you become successful in your blogging career, many newbie bloggers as well as experienced bloggers ask their problems and doubts with you. But sometime most of the successful bloggers even don’t reply.

never forget 5 things

If you become successful then take care of these 5 things:

1) Don’t Forget to Reply E-Mails: 

I know successful bloggers have many e-mails to reply but replying in 1 or 2 days can be expected because replying an email takes 2 to 3 minutes only.

When you reply an email, you build relationship with your readers and they come back again to your blog with the expectation of something new and informative post.

If you also want to become successful in your blogging career and want to care for your readers and fans then this tip may be useful.

2) Never Ignore Newbie Bloggers:

I have noticed many times when newbie bloggers want to connect with professional bloggers and they often ignored by them.

I know only one thing that they also contribute and help to become successful in blogging career. You will also notice that majority of followers are newbie bloggers who want to learn some tips from experienced and professional blogger.

3) Never Forget To Be Social on Social Media:

When we get 4 or 5 figure fan followers, we stop trying to get more followers but it’s not a good habit for newbie as well as professional bloggers.

So making new fans and followers and sharing your thoughts and others thought with them makes you more popular.

4) Never Charge for Advice:

Every blogger want to earn lots of money with their blog but sharing your knowledge and guide your readers free of cost build respect and trust with them and that leads to the path of successful blogging career.

5) Don’t ruin your Social Life to Become Successful

I have seen many successful bloggers who sacrifice their social life because of intense addition of blogging. They don’t go out with their families and even they don’t attend any functions.

Writing 1 or 2 articles daily is enough to become successful so don’t ruin your social life. Just blog smartly and you will be successful in your blogging career.

Now I hope you understood why you should never forget 5 things as you become successful blogger.

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  1. Anand

    Great thing, all points are very valuable. some of bloggers not following these ways. Any way thanks for such a great article.

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