5 Easy Steps to install and use Akismet WordPress plugin

Akismet WordPress Plugin is the best way to protect your website or blog from comment and trackback spam and it is used by millions of people. Although there are many spam plugins available over the internet but Akismet is one of the best options because it comes with WordPress and free for personal use.

It’s easy to install and use Akismet WordPress plugin.

1) Go toAkismet.com and register to get a WordPress key.

Akismet WordPress Key

After clicking on “Get a WordPress Key” and select “Personal” plan and click on “Sign UP”.

Akismet API Key Plan

2). Fill the below mentioned sign up form. Akismet uses triple-check on your email and it’s the only way to contact you. You can use symbols like!”£$ %^& along with numbers and lettersin your password.

Akismet Sign Up process

3). Once sign up process gets completed, you have to fill your user name and set early contribution to $0 to get free Akismet for personal blog or website.

Akismet Free Access

4). Click on “Continue” to get Akismet key.  WordPress will send you a confirmation email to activate your account, once you activate it will work for you.

Akismet Key Generated

5). Now follow below steps to use your API key:

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Under Plugins menu > Click on the Akismet page and do the following
  • Click on I already have a key link
  • Copy and Paste the API key into the text field
  • Click the Save Changes button


That’s it!

Akismet WordPress Plugin includes many new features like:

  • Akismet provides a comment history to see which comments were caught or cleared and which were spammed or un-spammed by moderator.
  • Moderators also can see the number of approved comments for each user.
  • Akismet plugin is very smart, if your web host is unable to reach the Akismet’s server then it automatically retry when the connection is up.
  • To improve accuracy, now spam and un-spam reports included more information.

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