Top 14 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Website of Jul 2013

Do you know why there is so much competition on the web?

Because 649 million websites are hosted and 187 million are active of them. We will not go in depth why other 462 million sites are not active.

There could be n number of reasons like this one. , ,

They all are same because large companies like Google buy all domains to prevent misusing them to profit from the goodwill of the Google trademark.

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I have listed 14 most popular social bookmarking websites with their popularity on Alexa. It is not very hard to increase popularity on Alexa but at least you have to work for that.


1.) Twitter: Twitter is a social networking website and blogging service that enables its online users to send and read text based messages up to 140 characters that is known as “tweets”.

Its Global Rank is 13 & United States Rank is 12

2.) Pinterest: Its a photo sharing website that allows its users to create and manage theme based image collections like events, hobbies and interests.

Its Global Rank is 43 & United States Rank is 16

3.) Reddit: Its a social entertainment  and news website where registered users can submit their content in the form of either a link or a text post.

Its Global Rank is 123 & United States Rank is 49

4.) Stumbleupon: Its features allow users to discover and rate Photos, Videos & Web pages that are personalized to their tastes and interests.

Its Global Rank is 220 & India Rank is 54

5.) Digg: Its a social news website that allows its users to vote web content up or down.

Its Global Rank is 915 & India Rank is 290

6.) Scoop: Its a magazines that effectively feed your web presence.

Its Global Rank is 1,286 & United States Rank is 299

7.) Delicious: Its a social bookmarking web site for sharing, storing and discovering web bookmarks.

Its Global Rank is 1,691 & United States Rank is 2,341

8.) Friendfeed: Its a real time feed aggregator that consolidates all the updates from social media and social bookmarking websites, social networking websites, micro blogging updates and blogs as well as any other type of RSS/Atom feed.

Its Global Rank is 2,095 & India Rank is 401

9.) Slashdot: Its a technology related news website which bills itself as “News for Nerds.

Its Global Rank is 2,219 & India Rank is 462

10.) Diigo: Its a social bookmarking website which allows registered users to bookmark and tag web pages.

Its Global Rank is 2,763 & India Rank is 486

11.) Fark: Its a community website that allows its members to comment on a news articles and other items from various websites.

Its Global Rank is 3,500 & United States Rank is 1,567

12.) Newsvine: Its a community website which draws content from its users. Registered users can write articles, discuss news items and seed links to external content.

Its Global Rank is 4,315 & India Rank is 503

13.) Chime: It provides digital strategy services, web site technologies and design, video and multimedia production.

Its Global Rank is 5,004 & United States Rank is 18,697

14.) Tweetmeme: Its a most powerful social data platform which is delivering amazing reliability, scalability and ease of use.

Its Global Rank is 51,938 & India Rank is 10,985

Thats it.

5 thoughts on “Top 14 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Website of Jul 2013”

  1. Allshare

    there are lot of these websites that being closed down every other day, the future for social bookmarking sites seem to be dim

  2. Isaiah Joe

    Thanks for this, what about facebook and twitter? and pinterest?

  3. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming HD

    thankyou sir for information, what Twitter can boost Index my Blog? How with Facebook. I Shared my article on G+ but not index.

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