How to Create a Meeting Request as an attached calendar link

When you want to invite people to attend some meeting, you just send a meeting request. Recipients accept the meeting request and add it to his or her calendar.

When someone accepts meeting request it goes out from his or her Inbox but if you want to retain the same in his or her Inbox folder then you can follow this alternative method.

This is called Internet Calender (iCalender) as an attachement.

Step-1:  Now you have to create a meeting request and you can also schedule a meeting request.

In File Menu, in the New group, Click on Meeting Request.

In the To section enter recipients name.

In the Subject type about your subject and In Location type where it has to be conducted.

Enter the Start time and End time of meeting.

Now Save the meeting.

Meeting request attach-1

In your calendar, click on the Meeting Request.

In the Actions group, select the down arrow and click on the Forward as iCalender command.

Meeting request attach-2

Now type body information of your mail and send it to the recipients you want.

Meeting request attach-3

Your Meeting Request as an attached calendar will look like below screenshot. Here you can see how meeting request is attached as calendar.

Meeting request attach-4

Now click on the attached calendar and click on accept to send response to the sender. The major fact is that this mail will always remain in your Inbox folder.

Meeting request attach-5

You have successfully created Meeting Request as an attached calendar link.

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