Fixed- Virtual Memory is too Low in Windows

Here it is assumed that your system is running Windows XP operating system and you are getting this error message “Virtual Memory is too low”.

Many of us don’t know how to identify which application is taking more and more virtual memory so that we can resolve the issue.

There may be a problem of memory leak. Memory leak is a common problem in programming world which means the poorly written application or anything else like the same. They use more and more memory. Just because of all this, either you have to increase virtual memory or have to terminate the program.

It is recommended that your virtual memory should be 1.5 times amount of your computer RAM. Suppose you have 1GB RAM that means you virtual memory size should be 1.5GB.

You can check which application is causing the main problem.

Just press Ctrl + Alt + Del and click on Task Manager


Right click on Start bar at the bottom and click on Task Manager.

Now go to Process Tab in Task Manager, here you can see all the processes which are consuming your virtual memory.

030720131 virtual memory is too low

Now click on View menu and select Select Columns.

virtual memory is too low

Here you will get all columns names and you can choose whatever you want like User Name, Virtual Memory Size, etc.

Here I am selecting Virtual Memory Size.

virtual memory is too low

VM Size column is showing used virtual memory size by processes. Sort all the processes by VM Size so that we can get which process is taking more and more virtual memory.

virtual memory is too low

In the above screen you can see Firefox.exe, Mcschield.exe & Oracle.exe consuming more than 800MB space. You will have to close these applications to free virtual memory space.

Now you have to troubleshoot how to resolve this issue. Just by re-installing the software or by repairing it or you can take the support of your experts.

Without knowing actual fault, it’s really difficult to recommend a solution.

Still you are not getting solution then increase the virtual memory size.

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